It’s easy to walk away: don’t let the important ones even turn their head.

(Takes my extreme emotions and locks them in a box. Drops box into the ocean).

Why worry about these extreme emotions that we have little control over? You have no control over what people will do and how they will act, let them make their own choices and then the truth will be obviously shown. 

You were made to be a great human being and trust in all others as yourself. If anyone has the nerve to hurt you, deny you or ignore you: you can hold your head up higher and continue on.You will meet hundreds of other people and most of them will embrace you and your inner beauty and happiness.

When emotions like anger, jealously, overwhelming sadness or anxiety come creeping into your day or night- overlook them by scooping them up and throwing them into your locked box. I wouldn’t consider this “hiding” or “bottling”. Simply remove or erase them completely! Don’t look back at the erased, think positively and move forward to the next thing life is showing you. 


Come up behind me while I’m making dinner.

Wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me about your dream.

Tell me if I cook something gross so I never make it again.

Laugh with me when I mess up my words.

Know that my bobby pins are everywhere, all the time. I’m sorry.

Stay in your underwear with me all day on a Saturday once in a while.

(via thiselephantes)